Wednesday, 19 November 2008

OK, so this is specifically for the purpose of trying "limited colours" even though I'm a colour whore!! This one's for you kitty, let me know what you think?? I quite like it, although I love the clashing colours!! But perhaps sometimes, enough is enough!

Psychadellic Elaine. I've just been having a play today with Photoshop with some images I had already had. Its been good fun. I wish I had my arty friends around me to give me there advice!! Everyone here just says banal and unhelpful things or "yeh that's pretty good" etc. etc. HELP ME!!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Look I'm learning to Knit!! How exciting, although I'm not quite sure how to cast off!! I'll keep you updated!

Righto, check this out!! Wooo! Basically they're illustrations I have modified and played around with and then printed off and sewn onto a handbag for the girl in the Illustration Ilona, another good friend of mine, this is pretty much the prototype, so she got a freebie (I mean it is her in on the bag, so its sort of fair enough really!! hehe!) I hope you think its cool?? I'm going to do some more however my sewing machine is playing silly buggers...I don't seem to have much luck with sewing machines if I'm honest. I beat them up a bit!! So as soon as I get my machine up and running again its hand-bag central, also I've decided to design and create a dress/range of accesories for my very stylish friends, along with a little zine, depicting them as the amazing icons of cool that they are!! Kitty watch out, coz you're one of them! Plus I plan to do many more...I just need a kick up the bum sometimes!!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Emma Stockton, my lovely friend in a dress I have made & designed for her! wait for the new photo's...